Women in History


Civics: March 2, 2015:

In honor or Women’s History Month  you will complete a project in which you will focus on a woman who has lived in the  past or present and has captured your attention for the significant contributions they have made to our society. First, find the biography of a woman you are interested in learning about by using the web pages linked below. If you find other web sites, please let me know so I can include them on this page.

Next based on the biographical sketch or a book you have read about this woman, you will conduct  a “mock” interview with the person. You will pretend you are the interviewer, your famous woman, the interviewee. 

You will then use the interview to help you  a short fictional story. You will write about a historic or recent event or a moment during the selected event, from the perspective of the famous woman. In other words, you will be the person telling a story about an experience you had that has made you who you are.  For example, if you are Rosa Parks, you could write a story Rosa might tell about how she felt when she was removed from the bus in Montgomery, Alabama.

Finally, you will use a picture from the internet, magazine or another source to draw the head of the person. Your drawing will be large enough to take up most of a piece of copier paper.

Here is a list of web pages you can access to find biographical sketches and other information about them. I will also provide a list of important women for student’s who don’t have access to a computer.

The project for Room 315 will be due March 16, 2015.

Click here for alpha list of women in history

 Click here for Distinguished Women of Past and Present

Woman’s History Month-Scholastic for Kids

Woman’s Honor Roll


Here are some other names I found:

Dr. Elizabeth Blackwell-Physician

Annie Smith Peck – First person to climb Peru’s highest peak.

Mary Lou Williams-Influential musician and composer of jazz

Ada Lovelace- Mathematician

Beatrice Potter Webb -Social Reformer,economist and historian

Ethel Payne- Investigative journalist who covered the American Civil Rights Movement and international affairs.

Nzinga Mbandi – Queen of Ndongo and Matamba, (modern day Angola).

Hedi Lamar- Actress, Inventor of frequency hopping.





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