Newsletter of September 22, 2014

Monday, September 22, 2014

Hello Everyone,

This is the beginning of yet another exciting week. Room 315 is focused and ready to learn more this week than last! (:)   I enjoyed speaking with parents last week during Open House. Please feel free to contact me if you have any questions. My email address is


Fee: $85.00 to support student learning

3 ring binder notebooks: I have asked the students’ to have 3 ring binder notebooks for Language Arts. I have purchased dividers for the students. If your child doesn’t have a three ring binder notebook, (not the biggest size, but the small one), please provide them with one. Thank You

This week we will be working on the following:

Language Arts: We will take the comprehension test on the realistic fiction selection, Up and Running. The reading strategy is to compare and contrast the characters in a story about a student election. This story ties in nicely with our Civics lesson in which we will have a mock election.

Independent Reading: Please make certain your child is reading a chapter book that seems appropriate for their reading ability. This week I I will  determine the approximate reading level of the students to support their learning style and needs. As stated before, some student’s start books and never finish them. I expect the student’s to build stamina for reading longer books, to develop their vocabulary as well as to broaden the ideas they are exposed to by reading various genre. The books should be selected with an emphasize on interest as well as reading ability. Good Fit books are books that meet these criteria: If you don’t understand five or more words, the book is probably too hard, the book should interest the reader, the book shouldn’t be too short or too long for the reader

Homework: The student’s are required to read at least thirty minutes each evening and to complete a reading log with a brief summary about the pages they have read that evening. This log is collected on Monday and a new one is started for that week.

Writing: We are still working on the personal narratives we started last week about memorable times. The focus is to have the student’s write using more details and vivid or descriptive language. We are learning how to expand our thoughts to develop paragraphs that are focused and interesting.

The poems the student’s completed entitled, “I Am The Color Of….” were excellent. Our student’s are very creative and are striving to do their best work.

Homework: Monday: Write personal narrative that was written in writing journals, on a clean sheet of notebook paper, complete with heading and indented paragraphs. Tuesday: Write a Dear Ms. Jack letter about your reading.

Math: We will take Unit One test on Monday. This unit reviewed fractions, prime numbers, exponents and place value. The student’s have taken a quiz on the unit as well as reviewed the concepts that will be on the assessment.

We will begin Unit Two this week. Unit Two will focus on estimation and computation of whole numbers in addition/subtraction and multiplication.

Homework: Monday: Review Study Quiz for Unit One test on Tuesday, Sept. 23, 2014, Tuesday: Study Link 2.1,  Wednesday, Study Link 2.2, Thursday, Study Link 2.3, Friday, Study Link 2.4.

Social Studies: We will continue to learn about the Early Americans who inhabited North America. We will begin Lesson 2, “The Eastern Woodlands”. Vocabulary words are: Division of labor, palisade, longhouse, wampum, confederation and wigwam. The student’s will write the definitions of these words in their Social Studies journals. There will be in class writing including comparing/contrasting of Iroquois/Algonquian tribes and Chapter Review questions.

Homework: Monday: States and Regions/Compare/Contrast of Native American tribes, Wednesday: Worksheet, pg. 16, Thursday:  Select  a “Common Good” listed in reading selection or one not listed in selection and write a paragraph explaining the value of this common good.

Civics: The student’s will run for mayor of their named community. The election will simulate the election process in Chicago, (as much as possible, with some details omitted, (:)! The students will write a 1 minute speech on why they want to be mayor and the community will vote as well as write 1 minute speeches explaining the issues they would like addressed in their community.

Have                A            Great     Week!






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