Newsletter of April 20, 2015

Monday, April 20, 2015

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Dear Parents/Guardians,

Yes, this is me holding the first thing I’ve won since I’ve been at Ray School. I won the book raffle for Room 315. I thank all the parents and staff that make Scholastic Book Fair possible each year and who so generously provide opportunities for students and teachers to enjoy their love for books. Again, thank you.

It was a pleasure talking with all of you on Report Card Pick-up Day. I have always enjoyed spending time with you and sharing what we think would be beneficial to our children’s growth.

This week we will be working on the following:

Language Arts: We will be reading a play in our SCOPE Magazines entitled, The Golden Curse, and the article, Can Money Buy Happiness?  We will identify  the theme of both genres and then write a letter that supports a claim as to whether we think it’s true/not true that money can buy happiness. “What do you think? Uhmmmm!”:) We will also  write poems using figurative language to describe things in the form of limmericks and personification.

Math: We will complete Unit 8 this week and take the unit test on Wednesday. We will review before taking the test. We will begin Unit 9, Coordinates and Volume.

Homework: Complete any incomplete Unit 8, Math Boxes and Study Links. Review for test on Wednesday.

Social Studies: We will review for a test on the Thirteen Colonies. The brochures for The Fourteen Colonies were great! Thank you for supporting your kids during what many of them thought was “not fair” to assign over Spring Break. They so enjoyed presenting them to the class! 🙂

Civics: We will be discussing Civics from the point of view we hold as the values and ethics considered  essential to being a good citizen. LaCausa, a biographical story about Cesar Chavez, a migrant farmworker who worked tirelessly to form the Farmworker’s Union through his determination, loyalty, honesty and responsible dedication to a cause that created a movement, will be used as our text. We will have a project at the end of our reading.

Thanks Mr.Russ, our technology support for taking the picture!


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